I'm currently pursuing a Doctorate of Science in Technology on the use of games in organizational knowledge co-creation at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management in Aalto University. 

Master's thesis

  Copyright Aalto University 2014

Copyright Aalto University 2014

Hannula, O. (2014) Game Structure in Knowledge Co-creation. Master's thesis, Aalto University, School of Science, Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Management, instructor Päivi Pöyry-Lassila. Available online: Game Structure in Knowledge Co-creation

  • Winner of the DiGRA Finland and Neogames ry game industry thesis competition for Master's theses (in Finnish)
  • Recipient of the Aalto University School of Science Master's thesis award (in FinnishEnglish)

Research papers

Hannula, O., & Irrmann, O. (2016). Played Into Collaborating: Design Games as Scaffolding for Service Co-Design Project Planning. Simulation & Gaming, 47(5), 599–627.

Hannula, O., & Harviainen, J.T. (2016) Efficiently Inefficient: Service Design Games as Innovation Tools. In N. Morelli, A. de Götzen, & F. Grani (Eds.) (Vol. 125, pp. 241–252). Presented at the ServDes.2016, Copenhagen, Denmark: Linköping University Electronic Press, Linköpings universitet.

Hannula, O. (2015) From Participants to Co-developers: Games as Settings for Expansive Learning. Game Studies Spring Seminar on Adult Play 2015. Tampere, Finland.

Hannula, O., Irrmann, O., & Smeds, R. (2014) Modeling Knowledge Co-Creation Games as Activity Systems.  In W. C. Kriz, T. Eiselen, & W. Manahl (Eds.), The Shift from Teaching to Learning: Individual, Collective and Organizational Learning Through Gaming Simulation (pp. 186–198). Dornbirn, Austria. 

Hannula, O., Pöyry-Lassila, P., Salmi, A., & Jaatinen, M. (2014) Forming and using objects of collaboration within game structure. XXIV International Conference of RESER September 11–13 2014, Helsinki, Finland. 

Ongoing research

Doctoral dissertation: "Service Design Games as Scaffolds for Knowledge Co-creation" Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Aalto University School of Science. Estimated completion by June 2018.